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The Carli’n Foundation speaks to young people and invites them to propose innovative and sustainable initiatives concerning the agricultural field with projects that enhance the environment and the landscape, that are advantageous for the health, have respect of the land and can generate new technologies in this sector.
Product and process innovations, also through patent, will be particularly appreciated and the sustainability of the proposals will merit high attention.



Mrs Cuminetti Claudia

Psychologist-psychotherapist, ex healthcare manager, in activity from the 80s, with a multidisciplinary experience and with a high interest in innovative and concrete projects run by young people.

Members of the board

Mr Maurizio Davi

Independent financial consultant unbundled by bank and insurance intermediaries.

MR. Nessi

Swiss commercial trustee who, thanks to his experience and expertise gained in many years of activities in the territories, guarantees the proper conduct of the Foundation’s activity.


The origins

Carlo Cuminetti, also called Carli’n, was born in Turin, Italy, on the day of St. John 1924, and lived in his native city until 2014, when he passed away at the age of ninety. From the marriage with Regina in 1950 was born Claudia, the daughter, who in 2015 came to the idea of the foundation in honor of her father, with the aim to support innovative and concrete projects run by young talented people who love the land cultivation and know how to take advantage of new technologies in the eco-environment sector.



Studies and career

The War and the need of money prevented Carli’n to attend the Economy course at the University, for these reasons he became a self-educated accountant and finance, history and music enthusiast…He became employed in the headquarter of Banco di Sicilia in Turin, where he stayed until his retirement, with a fast advancement of career: functionary, inspector, stock exchange supervisor, vice-director.
He decided to leave, with astonishment, in 1977 aged 53: the central management offered him the role of director of an important office in another Italian city, but he refused and said that he preferred not to move and enjoy family life. So he retired and for almost twenty years he traveled with his family and friends, he made long walks in Turin, and dedicated himself to cooking and listening to classic music.


The bequest

A kind man, sometimes irascible, with a shy but friendly and joyful behavior, a man who cultivated science and culture in a self-educated way, a logic-mathematical mind, irreproachable and firm in his rigour and ethical rules; a man who venerated the feminine gender for his beautifulness and personality, as well as he distinguished the neighbor’s quality and needs, aware of being generous and sensitive.
He was authoritative and tender, faithful to family values, attentive and present, well-known in “his” Borgo San Paolo, where he gladly used to have conversations and political discussions early in the morining, in the road or in the newsstand, after buying three different newspapers, which he read at home before breakfast.
He loved cooking and was a great meat and fish cooker. He had the habit to shave himself manually and always washed himself with castile soap as a legacy of his poor youth. The wine had to come rigorously from his favorite Piemontese wine producers.

…when I was a student able to understand, he made me visit the exchange trade sessions first in Turin, and then in Paris, London, Wall Street; each time I saw the famous movie “Trading places” I smiled remembering those situations.
According to him the Bank, in order to be real, had to be quite independent and suggest good investments to assure wellness to its customers and to the community. I remember that already in 2000 he expressed disappointment about the evolution of banking and financial systems in the contemporary society!

Claudia Cuminetti, Carli’n’s daughter.

We should never discourage young people from dreaming dreams.
Lenny Wilkens


Funded projects’ characteristics

The aim of Carli’n Foundation consists in the research and launch of talented projects concerning innovation and eco sustainability in the agricultural sector, with a not for profit economic support, which are proposed by under-forty young people, self-structured or not, who are not economically independent.

Patent Development

Development of innovative patents in the agricultural field.


Innovations with low environmental impact in the agricultural production sectors.

Development means

Development of alternatives to chemical crop defense.


Valorisation for agricultural purposes of marginal or degraded areas.


Similar projects with similar characteristics.

The Carli’n Foundation is constituted as an international non for profit foundation, based in the Swiss country with a potential opening all over the worldpreferring, for the firs period, projects concerning the Italian and Swiss agricultural development and eco sustainability.

Important: lthe evaluation and approval of the projects will not be questionable and will be based on the technical judgment of Scientific Committee.

Gathering of funds
The Foundation freely promotes its own goals by inviting new supporters to the collection of economic funds exclusively for their own purposes. It intends to make use of funding from an exclusive will of philanthropic cooperation, which freely share the purposes described above. In this way, fundraising and fundraising also keep alive the spirit originally expressed, of ethically free and independent will in judgment. The Foundation makes use of the right to renounce proposed funding, if they do not correspond to those purposes.


– Give your 5×1000 by writing on the tax return the tax code 97816500017.

– Contribute to the following IBAN IT 54 R 03268 01018 052434187790.


Participation form and conditions


If you are still good and have young, innovative and eco-friendly agricultural ideas but do not have enough money to make them, here’s a BANDO for you!

The projects must be submitted on the form downloadable from the website, by March of each year, and sent by email to:

To submit your own project and participate in the calls organized by the Foundation you must download and fill in the form in every detail with the utmost precision.

IInformation can be obtained from the following address:

For the year 2018 projects will be evaluated in a single session, in June of the same year. All projects received from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 will be considered.

Candidates who have ready their funding projects compile and submit the application form to the following address:

IMPORTANT: the purpose of the Carli’n Foundation consists in the discovery and launch of talented projects, with its non-profit financial support, proposed by young people over the age of eighteen, structured or not, but lacking their own financial means in the field of ‘ Innovation and eco-sustainability applied to the agricultural sector. The evaluation and approval of the projects will be unapproved, based on the technical judgment of a Scientific Committee.


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Foto dal post di Fondazione Carli'n

Bella serata annuale con pubblico ad invito per la premiazione del progetto Sottobosco,vincitore del Bando 2018
Torino, 10 maggio 2019

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Una precisazione per chi ci scrive per il bando:presentate domande sottoscritte individualmente, grazie

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EVENT ON 10 MAY 2019


The evening, attended by a large audience from other Italian regions, was attended by the President and Vice President of the Foundation – Dr. Maurizio Davi and Dr. Claudia Cuminetti –

The president of the technical-scientific committee – Prof. Ludovica Gullino – the winner of the announcement Giulietta Gae and her partner Simone Guida (Sottobosco project) – and some other precious characters (small pupils and some artists) who contributed in a creative way.

Dr. Davi, assisted first by small bilingual readers and then by the splendid narrative voice of Simone Costrino, illustrated with his writings and the comic strip of the great economist Steve Keen the historical and future prospects of the global macroeconomic and financial scenario.

Prof. Gullino illustrated, through the presentation of his comic book dedicated to the founder of the Agri-Center of Grugliasco – Prof. Angelo Garibaldi – an example of “passion for research” in the green field.

Dr. Cuminetti presented the young winner, leaving space for the reasons and salient features of the Sottobosco project, and then presented the final prize.

Finally the musical duo – Irene Fuggetta singer and Ivano Gruarin on guitar – deeply touched all the participants, highlighting some passages of the various interventions with high evocative musical pieces. 

We sincerely thank the participants in the evening and all those, almost fifty, who in these three years have competed with their projects for the annual calls for proposals of the Foundation. We are renewing ourselves, thanks also to what we learn from the young people who write to us, from their plans and hopes.


Free donations to FondazioneInternazionaleCarlin-IBAN-IT 54 R 0326801018 052434187790

Here are the photos of the evening.


Fill out the form below for any inquiries regarding the terms, timings and deadlines of the calls.

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